Getting Salted

Whittakers Chocolate

The world's first chocolate website
“I’ve just nibbled my screen” and “I'm off to buy chocolate”.
Whittaker's Facebook likers.

Whittaker’s are a New Zealand owned family business using only quality ingredients. They make fantastic chocolate and New Zealanders are buying more and more of it, moving loyalty away from Cadburys.

Commissioned by the Assignment group we were asked to create a new brand site for Whittaker’s which captured all their brand values - being about ‘craft’ and great, high quality chocolate. It also had to look delicious with a high salivation factor.

After a lot of research (chocolate eating) we came to the conclusion that we had to make their site out of real hand crafted chocolate. We then set about creating the world’s first real chocolate website. Complete with all interface design and navigation in chocolate we considered every aspect: from main section headers to navigation buttons and even social media icons. See the “The making of” video on the homepage.

The response was excellent, with the new site reaching the previous site’s monthly average in only five days. Visitors spend around five to six minutes on the site on average. There are around 17,000 visitors / month. As the site launched Facebook and Twitter comments were overwhelming with comments such as “I wanted to lick the screen”, “I’d eat the SHARE button first so no-one could find it” and most importantly comments about people needing to rush off and buy chocolate.

500 limited edition ‘web blocks’ were also been created for PR purposes. Beautifully packaged in a box designed like other block wrappers, it has been given away to friends of Whittaker’s. This also helped launch a new Facebook competition app ‘Win Whittaker’s’ as a much sought after prize. The app which we designed and developed in Flash, contributed to a significant increase in FB likers, around 8,000 extra over the first 2 weeks. The conversations on Facebook and Twitter have helped drive traffic to the site and site has also help to build the Facebook fan base which is now at over 300,000.

The site has also featured on various blogs (Campaign Brief, Stoppress, Design Daily), been nominated as one of the ‘35 of the worlds best 3D Flash sites ever’, been and been on the FWA public shortlist.

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