Getting Salted

White Night

Brand and web app
“Dress up, dress down, dress in your nightgown.”

White Night is Auckland Arts Festival’s annual, one-night arts extravaganza that runs each March. It is a night of arts festivities, performances and unexpected encounters all around Aucklandfor free.

Inside and outdoors, at over 100 venues and locations across town, artists, performers, musicians and makers of all descriptions invite attendees to inspect, experience, watch, see, make and touch all sorts of wonderful creations. On White Night, galleries, squares, laneways and promenades, from north to south, east to west are free to explore until late.

After completing the main website for the Auckland Arts Festival, we took on the role of White Night brand and web app sponsor. We overhauled the logo and brand, refreshing and giving it the creative love it deserves. We couldn't resist the challenge of creating a brand for an event that celebrates visual creativity. We crafted a positive / negative play with the WN letters to express the contrasting idea of a 'white night.' We then used this as the basis for the brand's graphic language.

We built a web app that allows you to make the most of every minute of your White Night. Reflecting the creativity of the event, you can interact with the homepage, selecting the time of the night you want as your background with options from dusk till midnight to create your own mood.

It also becomes a very functional tool to navigate and plan for the event across devices: 

  • add your favourite events to ‘MyNight,’
  • filter events by start-time, name, area and theme
  • search for events by key-words
  • find events on the map
  • share events with your friends

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