Getting Salted

Whistling Sisters Beer Co.


Whistling Sisters Beer Co. is a new craft beer brewery and restaurant in Ghuznee st, Wellington.

They make beers for lovers of lighter, subtle styled craft beer including a Red Pils, XPA, Golden Ale and Coconut Stout. All this comes from ‘The Fermentery', a buzzing brewery and restaurant complex, almost a ‘concept’ eatery / brewpub. It is a hive of invention and tinkering, where the Whistling Sisters beers are brewed, served alongside other outstanding Wellington brews, matched with tasty and surprising dishes.

The website is the virtual expression of the Fermentery; a digital delight in the unexpected. As with the rest of the collateral it had to be about the crafting and making inherent in the brand. It needs to have energy and surrealism to capture the spirit of the sisters and push the idea of a beer / restaurant website to something a little more playful and surprising than the expected.

The solution plays on the strong lines of the logo strongly with an animated navigation system that is coded to have a lot of dynamic angles and lively interactivity. There are lots of colourful collaged style animations and playful details that will be built upon as the business and brand gets more active in the market. 

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