Getting Salted

Totara Learn

Totara gives customers freedom to constantly adapt learning solutions for an ever-evolving world.

Totara develops and supports open source learning software which help businesses and organisations all over the world.

The business is around 10 years old with a wide variety of customers around the globe. Aimed at large organisations with specialised Learning and Development teams they work with companies like Sony, Volvo, and Tescos who need a flexible style of learning to help manage near constant change for their teams. Through innovative and flexible open source technology, and a large expert partner network, Totara enables highly tailored and continuously improving learning solutions.

We started with an indepth brand strategy process in 2016. We identified that they needed to move up in perception from a mid-level, under-the-radar brand, to being more provocative, inspiring and bold so that they could become a Strategic challenger and compete with the big global players. We settled on a ‘peoples champion’ brand model and developed the proposition ‘Freedom to Learn’. 

We then refreshed the identity with a completely new style of visual communication; a refreshed logo system, new photography, graphics and bold punchy headlines for marketing material which would set them apart and start to challenge the establishment by putting learning and development managers at the heart of the comms. So far we have rolled out comprehensive brand guidelines for the partner network, a brochure suite, stationary, trade show advertising, new software style guides and a new website - soon to launch.

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