Getting Salted

PQ Blackwell

Brand experience website
“There’s a continual flow of praise from our customers.”
Geoff Blackwell, CEO PQ Blackwell

PQ Blackwell is an acclaimed creator and producer of internationally bestselling illustrated books. They created MILK, have produced books about Nelson Mandela and Princess Diana, and have collaborated with some of the world’s best photographers.

They wanted to create a high quality, experiential site which would capture the personality of their company as well as focus on their work with an immediate and attractive book browser. We devised the coffee table concept as a way of giving an atmosphere to their site as well as being a platform to house the homepage navigation. From there it is just one click into Work in Progress or Existing Books. To learn more about who they are there is also a video tour of their premises in Auckland – a converted church, bringing the viewer into their building and full circle back to the coffee table.

This site now functions as the key marketing tool for PQ, meaning less and less printed collatoral is required. It is a full archive of all their work as well as an updatable (with full CMS) database of new work.

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