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Language Tracking App
Listening out for language
Tracking the use of languages on broadcast media

Kōkako reports on the use of languages in broadcast media, allowing communities and agencies to monitor usage of the languages and dialects that matter to them. It was developed to measure the usage of Māori language across New Zealand radio, and allows language use to be followed second by second, or summarised in daily and monthly reporting.

This smart web app is the brainchild of Dragonfly Data Science who came up with the idea, and built the software. We partnered with them to develop the brand identity & user experience design, and collaborated on the front end development to bring Kōkako to life in coded colour.

Monitoring language manually can be labour intensive and time consuming, but this automated system continuously listens to broadcasts, tracking spoken language use. Reporting is available in close to real-time, allowing broadcasters or stakeholders to follow activity on their networks. Kōkako can even be trained to recognise any language or dialect, with reporting customised for specific communities or agencies.

This project is a Purple Pin Best Awards Winner.

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