Getting Salted

Heritage Hotels Destinations Campaign

Banners, webpage & printed collateral

The Heritage Hotels 'Best Destinations' campaign was developed to showcase all 21 of Heritage Hotel's properties throughout New Zealand. The objective of this campaign was to position Heritage as being situated in top tourism destinations throughout the country, and showcase the array of local activities in close proximity to each of these properties. 

Through a very flexible typographic / illustrative solution we were able to specifically highlight activities of most interest to our target audience, in this case families looking for an adventure for the school holidays. We have created a compelling storytelling approach which is a little bit poetic to fuel our customers daydreams about holidays.

Our deliverables directly addressed a business need whereby each individual property felt part of the campaign, giving them the focus in their region. We crafted a flexible set of assets that could be changed out to suit the needs of the market at any given time (e.g  summer holidays, winter sports or school holidays) and each hotel was capable of creating smaller press placements or digital banners separate to the overarching map and specific to their location.

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