Getting Salted

Heritage Hotels

Brand strategy, website, photo library
“(Salted Herring) have the best interests of our business in mind... their impact on our business has helped lift the way we express our brand so it is consistent with the experience we deliver in our hotels.”
Graham Yan - CEO Heritage Hotels.

Salted Herring joined forces with Heritage Hotels in 2011. At the time their brand was tired, disjointed across the group and had no emotional connection with potential guests. They came to us to create a platform that gave immediate access to booking information and room rates for all group properties within one content management system (essentially 7 sites in 1). They were also interested in how we could consider their brand positioning at the same time.

We soon realised we had to differentiate the site from all other hotels (where websites are quite formulaic) and speak directly to guests about their unique offering - an offer based on service ethos and memorable experiences for the whole family. We developed an approach which used high end photography that communicated tangible customer benefits and provided a look in to the experiences Heritage Hotels seek to provide their guests. These hero images were complemented by black and white portraits of actual Heritage employees, supported with their personal take on how they help to facilitate the Heritage experience in copy carefully crafted by Salted Herring. We produced and art directed all these images with internationally acclaimed advertising / doco photographer Paul Ross-Jones.

The end result moved Heritage Hotels away from the perception of cheap rooms and industry jargon to a family focused hotel committed to providing 5 star service at a 4.5 star price. From a functional perspective it is a large, very flexible and robust site built with a Drupal CMS that is also intuitive enough for Heritage staff to manage and update internally. Since the launch of the new-look website, traffic has increased, the group revenue continues to soar and room rates are steadily on the up.