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Auckland Design Manual

Online guidance & resource platform
“Building the world's most liveable city together”.

The Auckland Design Manual (ADM) provides an online resource for everyone involved in design, building and development to either share their great design stories with others, or to seek inspiration, tools and best practice advice from those who have already been successful.

Auckland's planning rulebook, the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan will articulate the rules for the future growth, whilst the ADM illustrates how to achieve the quality outcomes sought by the Unitary Plan.

We were engaged initially to develop a visual strategy for managing the huge quantities of information across this platform. At that stage we came up with a visual style based around an instruction manual. The icons used throughout the site are taken from this. We then worked through a very collaborative process with the design team at the council to work out the best approach to the information design, creating the mega-menus and clear hierarchies within that.

We also developed the logo currently being used, which keeps the word mark close to the council brand guidelines (and other council logos) while also giving it a unique look of it's own to help differentiate and reflect the values of good design important throughout the ADM.

The overall design for the site we established takes shapes from an abstracted cityscape and used them small on the header and in bigger abstract shapes across the backgrounds to create a unifying style. We also created colour themes for the different levels of information to help give the user a sense of where they are in the (very large) site.

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