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The Asia New Zealand Foundation were a ‘major partner’ of the Lantern Festival Auckland and Christchurch in 2017 (run by the council in each city). The festival runs for 4 days in Auckland’s domain and has significant numbers of visitors (around 220k visitors). It is mostly an evening festival and is an important cultural event for both Chinese and non-Chinese New Zealanders marking the Chinese New Year. 

The Asia New Zealand Foundation needed to create a lot of noise and presence for the Foundation brand to make the most of their significant contribution. It was an opportunity to get new brand messages around role the Foundation plays in helping Kiwis thrive in Asia, in front of a large captive audience. It was also about launching our new consumer and campaign name: Think Asia.

We were tasked with designing the full ANZF experience within the festival. This included designing the communications for activation tents, branding of the main stage in Auckland, take home postcards, and supporting way-finding around the festival. 

We developed a creative idea around our new consumer brand name: ‘Think Asia’ which is a very simple and effective device. We built bold and simple word-plays off this relating to the Foundation sponsored content eg. Think Tea Pouring, Think Asia… We also extended this into more generic brand messages such as Think Opportunities, Think Asia. We used the more vibrant end of the new colour palette which extends the existing red out with pink and yellow gradients and patterns to make it very festive and upbeat. The result was a simple and striking campaign that popped out of a busy park, and that has created a comms system we can use again and again across other events. 

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