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Asia Media Centre

Helping NZ media cover Asia

The Asia Media Centre is a new online hub developed by the Asia New Zealand Foundation. It is the place for journalists to go for credible information and analysis about New Zealand’s relationship with Asia. 

We were tasked with developing a sub-brand for the centre that sat comfortably alongside the Foundation. Primarily an online resource, the intention is that users will move between this site and the main Asia New Zealand Foundation brand site with each supporting the other. This sub-brand had to fit with the new personality of the foundation: 

• Vibrant (it’s colourful, rich, youthful, exciting)

• Open (inclusive and changing, moving forward)

• Knowledgable (wise, informative & authoritative, this grounds it)

• Ambitious (confident, future facing and leading)

In addition to this the media centre had to sit at the more serious end of the brand coming across as very professional, credible, and respected for the target audience; smart and busy journalists in newsrooms across the country needing high quality content, opinions and expertise on all matters regarding Asia often at short notice.

We worked up an exciting sub-brand and then bought that to life in a site that is largely content led. It is very visually rich with lots of images, videos and infographics supported with bold headings, colours and graphics. The user experience is intuitive and there are multiple ways to search for content: via filters such as topics and key issues, through a comprehensive search, via authors or just by browsing featured content.

User feedback has been great in the first few months. It has got good traction and has been well used by the core group of media supporters.

It is a project we are proud to say we are part of. NZ is living in the Asian Century and the more knowledge and engagement we can all have in the vast array of topics across this continent the better. New Zealand is beginning to understand more about the relevance of Asia to our own situation and there is an exciting journey ahead for Kiwis and their opportunities in Asia. This project plays a big part and we believe it will really help to grow the conversation over time!

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