Getting Salted

Simon Winter

Technical director SaltedHerring
Our Simon is an ace up the Salted Herring sleeve in the form of a handsome bespectacled genius.

We wouldn’t be surprised if it’s later revealed that Simon is a super computer built by Stephen Hawking and designed by Tom Ford. For now we’ll trust the story he’s given us, which has him starting out professionally as a Graphic Designer in Christchurch. Apparently, he quickly realised he had a unique feel for development. It makes sense that his gigantic brain would prefer its challenges. So he completed a Computer Science degree and returned to the world of design wearing another hat, the hat of a Web Developer, which as you can imagine is covered in binary code and blinking lights.

Simon grasped coding so instinctively he would’ve made a great spy, but instead he landed positions in a handful of top advertising and design agencies. Following a very productive stint at Sons & Co. in Christchurch, he headed north after the earthquakes to settle at Clemenger BBDO in Wellington.

For well over a decade now Simon has been contributing cleverness to the web for clients such as Toyota, the Christchurch Art Gallery and the Best Awards. Though code is clearly his forte, it’s obvious that he still has a soft spot for design. Simon’s work always masterfully marries the disciplines together, creating elegant interactive user experiences our clients’ customers can rely on and love.

Now, as our technical director, Simon helps clients plan their technical solutions, is on top of cutting edge industry trends, and leads our tech team forward producing nothing short of high end, best practice and long lasting code every time.