Getting Salted

Pep Zuijderwijk (Zow-der-vai-k)

Founder & creative director SaltedHerring
Pep, the Original Salt Shaker, Lord of the Salt, the Saltan of Swing...

has been designing and art directing high-end, award-winning digital creations for more than 15 years. It sounds like a long time but he still gets a sparkle in the eye considering the possibilities, like a young fellow holding the keys to his first car.

After graduating with Honours in Graphic Design at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Netherlands, Pep gave the remaining part of his youth to design at interactive agencies in the Hague, Wellington and London. He developed his thirst for pushing creative boundaries on Europe-wide campaigns for brands you regularly see on television, at concerts or up the side of your sneakers.

Pep spawned Salted Herring during those early years in London, naming the business after his favourite Dutch snack. He moved the Herring back to the motherland between 2002 and 2006 when Amsterdam experienced an unprecedented explosion in interactive creativity. It transformed the business into what it is today, a strategic creative agency built on a mountain of digital love.