Getting Salted

Kate Handley

Managing Director SaltedHerring
Kate puts Frodo to shame with her epic lifelong quest to deliver harmony between business goals and creativity.

With one designer boot planted in the creative world and the other in the boardroom, she pushes strategic thinking across all our projects to help brands to grow. Kate is the business and strategy advocate who keeps the work on track.

Kate kicked off her 20-year career exploring her creative side as a freelance commercial photographer in Wellington. Europe’s advertising industry then came calling, where she put her talents to work commissioning some of the world’s leading photographers to generate campaigns for global brands whose names are well worth dropping.

For almost a decade now with Salted Herring, Kate’s passion has morphed into marrying clients’ brand strategy with clever digital tools. She focuses our creative and technical thinking to drive clients’ marketing activity forward. She always has one eye on how our clients’ futures are shaping up, even when the other one is distracted by a sale at Kate Sylvester.