Getting Salted

Ayla Corner

Office Manager SaltedHerring
Ayla is a breath of fresh creative and colourful air.

As a final year textile design student she never fails to entertain us with her original creations, curated op shop collections and witty banter.

She is a superb office manager ensuring all supplies are there before you even know you need them. She's happy to do anything from grabbing the mail, to sanding and plastering a wall, and keeping the paperwork in order. Ayla also prides herself in keeping everyone in good spirits, whether through her creative selection of novelty biscuits or her range of weird and wonderful stories.

Ayla is pretty busy; as well as full time study, she works another job at a call centre, chatting to people about their power bills and getting in trouble for using her lunch break to reply to customers emails. She enjoys knitting and designing original fabrics; she has even provided Salted Herring with our own custom Kimono from the infamous ‘Wobbly Bits’ collection.

In her spare time... she has no spare time.