Getting Salted


(Salted or Pickled?)

Visual Design

For us, highly considered and exceptionally crafted graphic design is the key to producing brand collateral, websites, digital campaigns and apps that cut through and communicate powerfully. We focus on the fundamentals. Typography, colour, imagery, layout and detail are the building blocks for a sharp and memorable brand experience.


It starts with getting a little nosey. We dive deep into your business offering and audience attributes to find the best ways to set your brand apart and connect it with your target. We gather insights via research and workshops with you to develop the big ideas that will form the basis of brand development and digital campaigns your audience can’t deny.

Web development and technology

Flawless code is central to our design process and underpins everything we do. Our developers work closely with our clients from the briefing stage right through to delivery. We only employ web developers who speak creativity as a second language, who understand design ambitions and have the skills to deliver them to the highest level of pixel perfection. Black belts in HTML, CSS and Javascript are a must. Our expert back end capability means we can also deliver flexible and easy-to-use content management systems (usually Silverstripe), both big and small, to last the test of time. To build more complex software solutions we shine a special light in the sky and a bunch of geniuses we regularly partner with come running.


Analytics is an ongoing process we swear by to improve results. Understanding how people interact with our work provides “a-ha!” moments for fine tuning and optimising the project.


We are an integrated agency, creating cross channel digitally led strategies and ad campaigns. We develop strong communication plans and partner with media agencies to deliver them. Channels can include social media, online advertising, mobile marketing and other media on or offline, determined by their relevance to our client’s audience. Well you don’t Snapchat to rest-home residents right? Almost always this approach involves search optimisation. Whether it’s organic SEO or SEM through Google Adwords, it is an important consideration that we undertake upfront with all of our clients, then tune and optimise over time. Whatever the communication and media strategy, nothing goes nowhere without good ideas. Undeniable ideas can push a thin budget to viral and back, stimulating word of mouth marketing, the most powerful promotion of all.

UX Design

The things we design must work instinctively for the audience they’re targeting. We’re fanatical about delivering intuitive and elegant user experience design to the audience in every interface, app and campaign that leaves our studio. What better obsession to have than the quest to develop functionality that people love to use?

Brand Development

Once brand strategy has provided the framework for developing the brand, we can start to articulate how a brand might look and sound. Through the use of fresh and targeted logos, identities and copy styles, we help brands to stake their claim in the digital landscape loud and clear. Consistent original branding across a range of collateral on and offline will define a unique personality for your brand and make sure your market never forgets it.

Content and copywriting

We are passionate about the power of content, and its value being greater than the sum of its parts. Our design process considers all mediums - copy, photography, illustration and video, and their distinct abilities to inject compelling communication and relevance into our projects. For brand websites in particular, engaging, entertaining and ultimately rich content is crucial. We have a range of writers on call with specific copywriting abilities - developing tone of voice guides and brand stories, taglines and calls to action, short and long copy, for print and digital assets. To guarantee harmony, we like copywriters to work in-house alongside our designers and demand that only friendly games of table tennis occur between the two. Digital marketing is never finished. Creating new and interesting material is an ongoing commitment, and an enjoyable one. We work with clients long-term on content marketing, helping them to stay ahead of the pack, creating new and original ways to reach and engage their audiences and inspire their staff.

Data visualisation

Data is incredibly valuable and powerful and it’s everywhere! You just have to reach out and grab it. Ok, it’s not that simple. That’s why data visualisation is now a core part of our offering to clients. We interpret business data to add meaning and develop visual stories customers will connect with. This might then take the shape of beautiful infographics, interactive graphs or real-time feeds. The possibilities are endless when you have data on your side.