Getting Salted

Our Process

(From scale to tail)

We embrace our tried and tested creative process that follows a simple series of steps. Count on us to be always planning vigilantly and communicating clearly with you all the way. We start with strong (often strategic) foundations and proceed to design and technology decisions from there. We run a tight project management ship and like to have all the details buttoned down. From shared reverse briefs to very detailed estimates, you’ll get a very well documented project with no nasty surprises at any stage unless Pep convinces you to try Dutch ‘liquorice’.

We may look like a design company, but scratch the surface & you'll see at heart, we're also a technology one. We love solving wicked problems & that's what our clients pay us to do. Each website, app, or experience is a seamless combination of design, technology & business thinking.

From gathering requirements to testing, feedback & deployment, we’re working together to ensure the technical side of your experience is as much of a priority as your design.

We love open source - and we leverage off the collective minds of thousands of developers all over the world. We develop with SilverStripe where possible, not only because that means we support local software development but also because it’s flexible enough to let us do pretty much what we want both creatively and functionally, AND our clients love using the easy CMS interface. We use Silverstripe in a myriad of ways, seeing it very much as a web platform rather than a CMS.

When we take, we like to give back as well - whether that's creating software for the community to use, or giving a helping hand to others, we believe that it's important to give back and make the world a little bit better.

We believe in semi-agile processes - giving the project the flexibility to adapt as requirements change. Most projects will have components and minor interactions that are not fully defined - we need to be able to adapt as these occur - building up to the bigger picture one piece at a time. We do realise however, that design & UX is about the sum of the parts building the larger picture, then refining the small details afterwards. We may have slightly different processes, but mash it all up and they work beautifully together, designed to get the best solution for you.

Standards are standard for a reason - they're something consistent that everyone can understand & are the basis for how we developers communicate. They are important, we follow best practice as much as possible. However if your project has specific requirements that may be in conflict with these principles we're pragmatic enough to realise that not everything must be followed explicitly - sometimes you need to break rules in order to succeed. We'll be the mediator between these worlds ensuring you get the best result, for your business, design & technology requirements.