Getting Salted


(Our Flavour)

Who we are

(Surprise - we’re not fish!)

We’re a small, specialised team of experienced senior designers, developers and project managers who have worked around the globe. We’re all creative; everything we do always comes back to strong ideas and great execution. Even making a cup of tea. We simply share a love of crafting digital experiences that delight users. It’s addictive. We’re fanatical about the details and like to deliver everything to the highest possible standard.

We don’t have layers of process, so we can be nimble. We all pick up the phone when it rings, we all talk to our clients, and we all build trusting and productive relationships with them.

Our team is an eclectic mix of personalities, passions and skills. At one end of the studio you have a guitar player in a country band, and at the other a furniture maker and child juggler.

We all enjoy the good things in life. Gourmet birthday cakes, champagne for site launches and shared Friday curry lunches feature regularly. Some of us even like salted herring. Some. Oh and we have a woofer on staff. Meet the team.

What is Salted Herring actually?

(It’s something you eat. If you’re Dutch. Or brave.)

The agency is named after a famous Dutch delicacy. Not for the faint-hearted, Salted Herring is a very strong flavoured raw fish cured in salt. When it comes to digital design, Pep, our creative director and founder, believes that just like his favourite snack, the stronger the experience, the more likely you are to share it.